Consumption temperature

The foie gras from the refrigerator, essential previous step to acquire a consistent texture before tasting, should remain between 5 and 20 minutes at room temperature, so in this way we can appreciate all its qualities.

Be choosy

There are many types of Foie Gras presentations: fresh, preserved, semi-preserved, Whole Foie Gras, Block, with Truffles, ... choose the most convenient in every situation.

Duck or goose

It is a matter of taste. The duck has a more intense flavor. Currently, the male duck mulard is offering a higher quality foie gras.

Warranty of authentic Foie Gras

Make sure you eat authentic Foie Gras. It is the liver of corn-fed ducks or geese . Its origin dates back to ancient Egypt. Only if you can read "Foie Gras" on the label, it is "authentic Foie Gras".

Foie gras, Foie or Paté

They are simply different things.

In our processed products, we called "Foie Gras" to products in which foie gras is practically the only ingredient. In addition, we can use water or an additive that helps improve the product.

"Foie" is commonly used to refer to the raw Foie Gras used in cuisine. We also use the term "Foie" without "Gras" in processed products (Parfait and Mousse) where the percentage of Foie Gras is less than in those as the Whole Foie Gras or Block of Foie Gras.

"Pate" of duck is a paste in which the main ingredient is duck meat.

Preserved or semi-preserved

Preserved foie gras (canned or in a glass jar) benefit from the passage of time, becoming more pronounced flavors and aromas. Expiration is usually 4 years and should be stored in cool, dry place. Semi-preserved foie gras (vacuum bag, glass jar ... even canned), need refrigerated conservation because they have been cooked at low temperatures. Expiration is between 3 months and a year and a half.

Opening cans and jars

We recommend opening the cans on both sides, using a can opener. Pushing one of the covers, we extract the entire contents on a plate. In easy-to-open cans, this operation is greatly facilitated. To open the jars, it is best to put them under hot running water for a few seconds, and then pulling hard on the rubber flap.

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