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The whole foie gras is a non-minced piece of fatty duck liver which has been subjected to a heat and pressure treatment in order to obtain a semi-preserved product.

Usage advice

The whole foie gras is a whole piece of fatty duck liver (non-minced), thus it has a texture to be cut.

Remove the foie gras from the fridge and keep it at room temperature for 5 – 20 minutes before eating in order to appreciate all its qualities.

To open the glass jar, pull the rubber tab.

Once open, cut it in thin slices with a sharp knife previously passed through hot water and serve it on toasted bread. The bread is useful as base of the foie gras that we are tasting.

Good foie gras deserves to be accompanied with a quality wine. Semisweet wines from muscatel grapes or malvasia, red wines, rosé wines,… or a cava are some of the possible choices.

Further information

This product is suitable for celiac.

This product belongs to the guarantee brand “Tierra de Sabor”.

Logotipo tierra de sabor   Apto para celíacos

Average energy values per 100 g 2238kJ-543kcal
Average nutritional values per 100 g • Fat: 57 g out of which saturated fat: 23,61 g • Carbohydrates: 2 g out of which sugar: 0,5 g • Proteins: 5,6 g • Salt: 0,31 g
Net weight: 180 g
Presentation: Refrigerated product
Ingredients: Duck foie gras, salt, sugar, pepper and liqueur. Preservative: Sodium nitrite. Antioxidants: Sodium ascorbate, sodium citrate.
Storage and expiry date: As pasteurized product keep refrigerated, between 0° and 5°C / Best before date: 1 year and a half from elaboration date.

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