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Each bag contains 30 pieces approximately.

Usage advice

Duck meat is red and lean, that is why it has a special flavor different to the rest of meats. Duck meat has a high content of oleic acid which makes it healthy.

The best way of consuming duck meat is respecting its own juiciness and whatever the recipe, the meat inside should keep red.

Further information

This product is suitable for celiac.

This product belongs to the guarantee brand “Tierra de Sabor”.

Logotipo tierra de sabor   Apto para celíacos

Average energy values per 100 g 534 kjl – 127 kcal
Average nutritional values per 100 g • Fat: 3,6 g out of which saturated fat: 1,34 g • Carbohydrates: 0,6 g out of which sugar: 0,6 g • Proteins: 23 g • Salt: 0,13 g
Net weight: 1000 g
Presentation: Refrigerated product
Ingredients: Raw Fattened duck breast tenderloins. Vacuum-packed bag
Storage and expiry date: As fresh product keep refrigerated, between 0° and 5°C/ Best before date: 15 days from elaboration date.

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